And the Sound Records was formed in Göteborg, Sweden in late 2005 by EF members Niklas and Thomas when the band was facing the release of their debut album “Give me beauty… Or give me death!”. In 2007 the two guys heard the early self released EP “Killerwhale” created by some young guys from a small town not to far away from Göteborg. This band was Immanu El.

The EP totally blew Niklas and Thomas away and they decided to put some money into getting this astonishing music out on the market.

The two bands did a few shows together and soon the guys joined each others bands.
When both EF and Immanu El started with some extensive touring around central Europe and releasing more albums they needed to separate the bands to gain some focus.

That leaves us pretty much to where we are now and both bands are facing a bright feature.
Tours are expanded around the globe, the fan base are growing, their sounds are evolving. The bands are growing. ATS Records are growing. And you, the listener, are a huge part of it.

Thank you for the interest.
Stay curious.


The mission is to release and keep 100% control over the music and rights. And the Sound Records is not a classic record label – it acts more like a umbrella. Keeping it all together – giving shelter. It’s run by the bands – for the bands.

ATS Records are not looking for new bands at the moment and don’t accept demo submissions.


Our releases are currently distributed by:

Border Music
Scandinavia (Physical and digital)

Cargo Records
Germany, Austria, Switzerland (Physical)

Suburban Distribution
Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg (Physical)

Kontor New Media
World wide (Digital)