Have you checked out Ef’s video for the track ‘Hiraeth’ already? If not: Do it!!! It is absolutely beautiful.
It’s taken off their split EP with Tiny Fingers, which was released about a week ago by Pelagic Records (Cult of Luna, Mono, Pg. Lost and others).

Ef’s Niklas Åström comments:
“We didn’t want to make a typical “mysterious” postrock video where someone tumbles around in the forest in ultra slow motion without any certain purpose. We wanted something more concrete. Something more “unorthodox” – as “unorthodox” as a love story can get. The lyrics are about a person with a heavy troubled mind, heartbroken and alone. A person who believes the world is a better place without this person in it. That’s a hell of a heartache – isn’t it?! We wanted to have two men, with different ethnical backgrounds to highlight that love (and passion) have no boundaries – whatsoever. And the video broadcasts the ups and downs – the darkness and light in a relationship. The romantic passion and the broken heart – something we all might experience through our life time.”

The video was directed by Eric Ivar Persson. Niklas Åström comments:
“Eric is a pretty new kid on the block. We never heard about him until he directed and shot a pretty cool low budget video for our friends in an electro band called DNKL. We were kind of hooked on this typical 90’s Swedish short film aesthetics – but in a cool and playful way. And we liked the way he filmed this “short film” using nice environments from our hometown Malmö and filters to create a cozy and beautiful yet intriguing atmosphere.”