Immanu El band photo
In 2006 we ran across a demo by Immanu El over at Myspace. We was thrown overboard. Such a amazing demo!! In 2007 we got ‘em into the studio to record their debut album for us. “They’ll come, they come” was the result…

5 years later it’s officially sold out. Immanu El have grown to one of the most respected ambient pop/postrock bands in Europe and are now also conquering the states. We NEED to repress their debut album, but… All original files are missing!!! Panic – what to do?!

We thought;
Let’s get the boys into the studio again – rerecord it. Let ‘em put a modern touch on it. Immanu El have changed members over the years – maybe they can add something to the old songs?!
Great idea!

Immanu El in studio Hufvudstaden

Said and done! Immanu El is currently in Söderköping and Studio Hufvudstaden. Once again with Kristian Karlsson (Pg Lost, Khoma) who also recorded their albums “Moen” and “In passage“. We are eagerly waiting to hear the first mixes but we believe it will once again knock us of our chairs.

There’ll also be a vinyl release by our dear affiliates over at german label Kapitän Platte out in early 2013. Stay tuned.