EF - Ceremonies

Release info

  • Artist: EF
  • Title: Ceremonies
  • Format: CD, Vinyl, Digital
  • Cat. #: ATSR011
  • Playtime: 55 min
  • Release date: 2013-09-06

Licensed to

  • Kapitän Platte (World wide, vinyl only)


  1. Bells Bleed & Bloom
  2. Yield, Heart. Yield!
  3. Lake Vaettern
  4. Sex
  5. Delusions Of Grandeur
  6. Where G. Mallory Sleeps
  7. Thee Barren Soil Of Messaure
“Ceremonies“ is once again an expedition through the landscape of sound that EF conjures up with great efficacy. Their love of melody and harmony alive, carried by heavy rythms, only to be dispersed into a sonic aurora borealis; with improved vocal and orchestral arrangements including more strings, horns, piano and even the use of synthesizers. And, once again given the carefully sculpted mix production by Magnus Lindberg (Cult Of Luna).

Growth. Experiment. Focus. These are the 3 key words for one of Europe’s hardest working and continuously promising acts who look forward to another 10 years of making music together.

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