EF - Hello Scotland Remixed EP

Release info

  • Artist: EF
  • Title: Hello Scotland Remixed
  • Format: CD (Limited tour edition)
  • Cat. #: ATSR003
  • Playtime: N/A
  • Release date: 2008-01-01


  1. Hello Scotland (Original version)
  2. Staffraen Hákon remix
  3. Euphoria remix
  4. Isan remix
  5. Corwood Manual remix
  6. Patrik Torsson remix
  7. Uzi & Ari remix
When EF released their debut album “Give me beauty… Or give me death!” in 2006 we wanted to do a EP to support it. Since there was no songs over from the recording session, we thought that a remix-EP would be cool. Almost 2 years later its here with remixes by some of the most exciting indie artists around the world today.


Contain remixes of: Staffraen Hákon (IS – Resonant), Isan (UK – Morr Music), Patrik Torsson (SWE – Häpna Records), Euphoria (JAP – 123records), Uzi & Ari (USA – Crying girl / Own records) and Corwood Manual (GER – DIY)

The song Hello Scotland is taken from the album “Give me beauty… Or give me death!” (ATSR 001). Recorded, mixed and mastered by Emanuel Olsson and Daniel Öhman in various locations in 2006. Artwork by Kheira Linder of www.meedchen.de