EF - I Am Responsible

Release info

  • Artist: EF
  • Title: I Am Responsible
  • Format: CD, Vinyl, Digital
  • Cat. #: ATSR004
  • Playtime: 58 min
  • Release date: 2008-02-01

Licensed to

  • Thomason Sounds (Japan)
  • Kapitän Platte (World wide, vinyl only)


  1. Soon
  2. Två
  3. Bear
  4. Thrills
  5. Appendix
  6. A Tailpiece
The follow-up to last year’s critically acclaimed “Give me beauty… or give me death!” is a more focused and an even more epic journey through darkness and light. EF have tried to explore new paths to surprise the listeners and bring them on a roller coaster ride to soundscapes made of emotions, explosions and pure energy. Instead of just adding, they have deleted a lot – and it makes this journey even more bombastic! It gives you a chance to feel something, and the only way to feel is to come close to it. “I am responsible” is close, close like a warming campfire.

We are responsible: Music, sounds and vocals by Tomas Torsson, Claes Strängberg, Jonatan Hammar, Mikael Hillergård and Niklas Åström. Additional violins by Johan Stensson, Marie-Louise Granström and Karl-Johan Råsmark. Live recordings by Emanuel Olsson at Storan, Göteborg. Additional recordings recorded at PT Delicate Audio Services, Göteborg by Patrik Torsson. Produced by EF and Patrik Torsson. Mixed and mastered by Patrik Torsson at PT Delicate Audio Services & Earspace. Cover photos by Hanna Aldén. Artwork by Kheira Linder of www.meedchen.de


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