Immanu El - In Passage

Release info

  • Artist: IMMANU EL
  • Title: In Passage
  • Format: CD, Vinyl, Digital
  • Cat. #: ATSR007
  • Playtime: 47 min
  • Release date: 2011-11-05

Licensed to

  • Kapitän Platte (World wide, vinyl only)


  1. Skagerak
  2. Conquistador
  3. The Threshold
  4. Comforting Dawn
  5. Into Waters
  6. To An Ocean
  7. While I’m Reaching For You
  8. On Wide Shoulders
»Set sail! From the swarms of the world
I steer out to inhale freedom on my salty ocean.
Free as the cloud in it’s sky
through storm-filled spaces i will go
towards lands that dawns in the far
on my proud course of life»
– V. Rydberg

One year on a full-rigged tall ship at sea over the oceans, and a new band member born and raised in the archipelago; After four years on the swedish west coast, the maritime surroundings have made a big impression on IMMANU EL. The relationship with the sea has left a clear trace upon the latest release IN PASSAGE – the third album from one of Sweden’s most exciting musical exports, who made over 160 concerts in 25 countries since their debut a few years ago. Immanu El continues to deliver their personal sound that moves between tremendous and suggestive, from heartbreaking postrock to well written pop and through a dynamic passage of beautiful soundscapes. The album will be released this fall by And The Sound Records, an artist-driven label run by the band, and by full sails Immanu El will then face three months of touring in both Europe, North America and Asia.


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