Immanu El - Moen

Release info

  • Artist: IMMANU EL
  • Title: Moen
  • Format: CD, Vinyl, Digital
  • Cat. #: ATSR005
  • Playtime: 41 min
  • Release date: 2009-11-13

Licensed to

  • Thomason Sounds (Japan)
  • Kapitän Platte (World wide, vinyl only)


  1. Agnes Day
  2. Lionheart
  3. Aerial
  4. Högamon One
  5. Högamon Two
  6. May
  7. Archers
  8. Tunnel
  9. Storm
Only two years has passed since young IMMANU EL released their debut-album that was praised by a crowd of critics from all over the world. In this time the band have become one of the most touring independent bands in Sweden and with a growing reputation. From starting as totally self-driven on an underground level, IMMANU EL have stroked the world with an astonishing curiosity and a wide expectation for upcoming releases. In the summer of 2009 IMMANU EL went into the studio again to record their second album, and after a week of intense work and live takings the new record was complete. With captivating and moving melodies, great dynamics, forcing presence and with an unbelievable feeling, ‘MOEN’ is without doubt one of the most interesting albums from the Swedish independent scene in a long time. IMMANU EL here gives us a unique sound somewhere in between an attitude-driven pop music and a heartrendingly beautiful post rock, and they do it with quality.


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