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EF at Dunk! Festival 2018



EF is a Swedish post-rock band from Gothenburg, Sweden, formed in 2003. Their music centers around guitars and pianos, enveloped in rich layers of effects. The music can be described as a blend of cinematic beauty, melancholic introspection and dynamic rock, complemented by an eclectic mix of vocals, instruments, including strings, horns, and mallets.

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Immanu El

Immanu El

Immanu El started as a musical experiment in 2004 by 16-year-old Claes Strängberg, who was soon joined by his twin brother Per and friends David Lillberg, Jonatan Josefsson.

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EF live dates


EF - Ceremonies LP (2013)

Immanu El - In Passage (2011)

EF - Mourning Golden Morning LP (2010)

Immanu El - Moen LP (2009)

EF - I Am Responsible LP (2008)

Immanu El - They'll Come, They Come LP (2007)

EF - Hello Scotland Remixed EP (2007)

EF - Give Me Beauty… Or Give Me Death! LP (2006)